Nathan John

About Me

I love playing the Piano and I am passionate about learning new songs, composing and teaching for the Piano. At the age of 12 I played in a rock band with my brother Joshua-Caleb and recorded our first song entitled ‘Gila Monsters and Flashbacks’. We both attended the Cape Town school of Songwriting under the leadership of talented coach Clive Ridgeway. This training in the discipline and structure in song writing helped and guided me in learning and mastering being able to write my own piano compositions.

At the age of 12 I touched the piano keys for the first time under the Instruction of versatile and gifted teacher Trevor Parker who also taught me on the other percussion instrument – the drums. After this I took up further private piano lessons with Nigel at UCT (University of Cape Town). I attended the Beau Soleil Music School and under the guidance of gifted teacher David West learnt timing and structure in his craft of drumming. In 2018/2019 I invested in further private piano lessons with Ingrid Gollum (Doctor of Musicology) in Cape Town to improve my insights and understanding of my craft.

I enjoy learning from other renowned and experienced pianists from around the world. I am constantly exploring new ways of arranging and rearranging compositions.

I am active on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram when I go Live as well as on YouTube. Many of my compositions have been uploaded onto YouTube including one of my in demand favorites entitled ‘Spring Time in Cape Town’. I enjoy composing new songs, playing it, practicing it and posting them on my YouTube Channel. To further my passion for improving my playing and composition I am enrolling at one of the colleges of music in London for Piano Composition.