Composing under lock down in Cape Town South Africa

As social beings being confined to our homes and rooms is quite an adjustment. It took me a month to get into a proper routine while being under lock down. Early Mornings, 10 PM bed time curfews and exercise helped me a lot. During the time under lock down I could not go to certain places I enjoyed such as Muizenberg and Fish Hoek beach. This forced me to keep busy with my favorite hobby, music. I composed a song entitled ‘Covid-19’ during the lock down here in Cape Town, in this song there are elements of peace and stability as the intro in the song would attest to, but definitely times of frustration which the staccato sounds would speak to in the song. The longer the lock down continued, the more songs I could record. It felt like the conditions were right. The Birds outside my window would be my audience, always dancing and singing around the Hibiscus tree when I’d play. This was my bit of nature and life that I cherished during these times. The lock down though detrimental to livelihood had a silver lining when I looked at it this way, it brought us to being still.