Day 83 of Covid—19 Lock down in Cape Town South Africa

After the Presidents address this evening there was a glimmer of hope for the Hospitality and service industry. Casinos, Hotels, Conference centers, sit-in restaurants and hairdressers except for AirBnB Will be allowed to open as per the Presidents address on 17 June 2020. The dates are to be announced in due course. There is a feeling of relief for those in Hospitality, a feeling of hope that we will travel again and more importantly have a job again. Though things will look different as to how service is given, it will be service none the less. I’d love to compose a song about this feeling. A feeling of muscles breathing a sigh of relief and coming to a point of resolve and peace. It is a tangible feeling. It refreshes the bones to hear good news. Life is not all bad, though it is terrible most of the time, this time it is good and as our President says, ‘I thank you’.